Wonder Scooper the Ultimate Cat Litter Scoop that Keeps Litter Box Area Clean and Free of Mess (colors may vary)

  • Dust free
  • Strong, durable plastic construction
  • Large scoop with sifting grid
  • Works well with clumping, crystal and regular litters
  • Jumbo size for multi-cat households

Cleaning the litter box is not a pleasant task, but the Wonder Scooper Ultimate Litter Scooper will keep your feline friend's litter box area clean and free of mess. Made from the highest quality raw materials, this durable scoop features rounded edges that let you reach those hard-to-clean corners. Large slits allow litter to pass through for easy sifting while trapping dirty litter and messes for hassle-free disposal.

The molded grip lets you achieve a firm, comfortable grasp as you clean and keeps hands away from touching the litter. The large scoop makes cleaning your litter box quick and effortless. The comfortable grip handle makes it easy on you. Cleaning your litter box has never been so easy!

Made from Acrylonitrile butadiene & styrene (ABS) for durability
Product size: 12.5” L x 4.5” W x 4” H

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