Turtle Wax T-11 Black Wax Spray Black Tinted Extremely High Gloss Shine & Super Slick Finish 16oz


  • Black tinted spray wax is ideal for maintaining and enhancing all shades of black including dark charcoal and metallic black
  • Carnauba enriched formula provides an extremely high gloss shine and super slick finish that beads water in even the harshest conditions
  • Can also be used on black plastic and rubber trim without staining
  • Turtle Wax black detailer can be Used for quick cleaning in between regular spray wax applications
  • The high Carnauba wax content will fill in and hide minor swirl marks


Achieve the deepest, richest, mirror-like shine with Jet Black spray wax, the next-generation of car care technology. Our industry leading black-tinted formula creates a slick, uniform appearance that masks surface blemishes and delivers the most desirable elite black car finish. High shine polymers maximize paint reflectivity, while high carnauba content promotes unsurpassed paint protection and outstanding water beading. This ultra durable formula provides protection from harmful uv rays and minor scratches and swirls, dramatically enhancing your car’s appearance. Spray application is easy to use and safe for all shades of black paint and trim.

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