Turtle Wax Premium Polishing Compound Removes Light Swirl Marks Minor Scratches & Oxidation 18oz


  • Restores gloss and color to all automotive painted surfaces
  • Can be used with cotton, microfiber or foam pads
  • Can be applied by hand or with an orbital or rotary polisher
  • Silicone free formula is safe for use in professional detail, paint and body shops
  • Removes light swirl marks, minor scratches and oxidation


For Professional Results. Fine cut polishing agents improve paint clarity and leave a high gloss shine. Removes Light to Medium Scratches, Oxidation & Swirl Marks. Clear coat safe, silicone free. Fast acting formula removes light scratches and leaves a high gloss shine in one application. Formulated with fine cut ingredients and professional grade lubricating oil to quickly and safely restore finish to like new appearance. This silicone-free, body shop safe formula provides exceptional performance. TURTLE TIP: Finish treatment with Turtle Wax Paste Wax application for maximum protection and durability. For cars with heavy swirls marks or oxidation prepare surface first with our Premium Rubbing Compound.

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