SVP FS1200 Digital Film and Slide Scanner

  • Converts all 35mm color / monochrome negatives and mounted slides to digital at the touch of a button
  • 5MP CMOS sensor provides 10 bits per color channel for data conversion, and uses fixed focus and automatic exposure control and color balance
  • Each negative or slide takes less than a second to scan and download into a digital file to print, copy to CD or store.
  • Ideal for safeguarding images from weddings, holidays and treasured family moments
  • NOT compatible with Mac
Have you ever thought about how to keep the perfect quality of your old photographs forever?
Scanning all the prints too time-consuming and processing the films in a lab too expensive?

Here comes a unique film scanner right for you: The SVP Film Scanner FS-1200 is a small device able to work with both negative and positive classic 35mm film. It's equipped with two adaptors - for strips of 6 frames or 3 slides. Scanner is connected to the PC via USB port and comes with a CD containing drivers and a user application. With it you can easily check about how the final output will look like and adjust some image correction settings (brightness, contrast, saturation, hue etc.).

The device features a 5mpix scanning chip (i.e. 2592x1944 pixels, 3600 dpi) producing the images large enough to be printed on a A4 page! # Scan Method: Single Pass # 1800 dpi image enhancement # 2.0 USB interface # 10 bits per color channel # Built-in back light # Scan color or monochrome film and mounted slides

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