Refresh Scented Ceramic Stone Under the Seat Car and Home Air Freshener, Very Cherry Scent


  • It exudes a bright scent that will add to the appeal of your car
  • It can be placed in your cup holder , as it comes with protective trays
  • Gives a Aromatic lift , and rejuvenates the ambience of your car
  • Lasts up to 30 days
  • Very Cherry scent


The Refresh Your Car Scented stones harness ceramic technology and combine it with our wide range of great smelling fragrances. The stones come packaged in a protective tray so that they can be placed in the cup holder, under the seat, in the trunk, or anywhere you car needs a new, fresh scent.

Very Cherry captures the essence of fresh-picked cherries and has a candy-like allure that immediately emanates throughout your vehicle. Very Cherry is an irresistible aromatic fragrance force that will be noticed by a anyone who enjoys a ride in your vehicle.

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