Refresh Car Leather Cleaning Wipes, Antibacterial Leather Wipe Resealable Pouch (20 Sheets) New Car


  • The only EPA approved sanitizer wipes for leather surfaces 
  • One-step solution to clean and protect the interior of your vehicle
  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria and wont dry out, damage, or fade automotive surface
  • Sun blocking agents to protect surfaces from fading, cracking, and aging
  • No greasy residue or artificial shine 


These wipes are the one-step solution to clean and protect the interior of your vehicle. The quick-drying, natural, aloe-vera formula restores your leather's nutrients, prevents cracking and fading, while it leaves behind a pleasant smell.The easy way to clean and sanitize vinyl, plastic, aluminum, and stainless steel surfaces of your car.It's difficult to be prepared for every single mess life is going to throw at you—unless you have a Refresh Your Car! To Go Pouch. These handy pouches allow you to sanitize, protect, and refresh your car wherever you are. Effective sanitizer for use in the interior of your car. 

Refresh Your Car with the antibacterial wipes use a Engineered formula specifically designed to clean protect and revitalize hard non-porous surfaces in your vehicle, while leaving a clean new car scent. Refresh Car Cleaning Wipes are specially designed for cleaning, conditioning and protecting your car's leather interior. These wipes safely remove dirt and soil from your upholstery, whilst, the high levels of moisturisers imbedded in the wipes help to protect your leather from damage caused by spills and UV rays.

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