Orpaz JERICHO Low Rider Paddle & Belt Polymer Roto Holster, THUMB

Orpaz Holsters give you the answers to all the concerns you have about innovation and durability.

The Orpaz Low-Ride Platform was designed to give you multiple levels of flexibility on how you wear your holster. Can be used with a belt and with a combat / B.P Vest, gives you two options of heights to install your holster and offers you a ergonomic structure that sits comfortably on your body.

With the Orpaz Jericho Thumb Release Holster you have instant access to your handgun, and level 2 retention that engages the trigger guard area during re-holstering, keeping the handgun secure at all times

This Orpaz Jericho Thumb Holster features a innovative 2-piece design to allow 360 degrees rotation that adjusts easily for cross-draw, bodyguard/driver, small-of-the-back, and strong-side carries.

The Orpaz Jericho Thumb Holster also features a tension adjustment screw which can be tighten or loosen depends on the ease of presentation and the security of retention that you are comfortable with.

Compatible with: F-910, F-9, FS-910, FS-9, F-4010, F-40, FS-4010, FS-40

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