OMG Retractable Micro USB Cable Fast Storage & Tangle Free Cable Charge & Sync Smartphone (Yellow)


  • Compact Pocket-size design for easy and fast storage
  • Retracts and winds for tangle-free storage
  • Works with all devices that require a Micro USB cable
  • Pull from both ends to extend cable to desired length
  • Extends to about 30 inches long


Connect your phone, camera, or MP3 player to a USB plug or to your laptop while you are on the go with this OMG Retractable Micro USB Cable, the retractable function will have your cable ready to be stored instantly making it a great choice for the busy on the go person.
The flat design lets the Cable reel easily inside the casing, eliminating messiness and tangling. Now you can control the length of your cable each time you need to charge your phone or sync your device.

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