OMG Rechargeable Mini Portable Speaker (Yellow)


  • Compact in size and highly portable
  • Classy, Elegant & Attractive Shape with great sound quality
  • Rechargeable built-in battery which lasts for 2 hours with average use
  • Universally compatible 3.5mm stereo audio jack plug
  • Word with Cell-Phones, Smartphones, Tablets, MP3 Players and more


OMG Rechargeable Mini Speaker is the speaker you will want to take with you everywhere.
The Compact mini size and round elegant design makes it very comfortable and attractive to carry with you in your bag, pocket etc. this way you never find yourself without a speaker to enjoy your music.

The OMG Rechargeable Mini Speaker comes with a universally compatible 3.5mm stereo audio jack plug that will work with any device that has a headphone or speaker output such as phones, tablets and MP3 players. The wired connection give you the advantage of the sound quality and eliminates the worry you have with bluetooth speakers when its out of range. or with interference

Available in 4 different colors you can even match this Rechargeable Mini Speaker with the color of the device you are using.
This OMG Rechargeable Mini Speaker will play your music for about 2 hours straight without the need of charging in between. A Mini USB charging cable is included.

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