MIO Active Heart Rate Monitor Watch

  • All-in-one activity monitor with on-demand EKG accurate heart rate
  • Visual indicator of exertion level based on heart rate and personal data
  • Instantly know if you're working at the correct intensity to achieve your personal fitness goals
  • Includes Percent of Maximum Heart Rate, Heart Rate Recovery timer & Resting Heart Rate
  • Measures and displays your Resting Heart Rate, Upper and lower Heart Rate Alerts
MIO’s Diet Diary, part of our patented Calorie Management System, is vital to your weight loss success. Becoming aware of your caloric intake and its relationship to your daily burn puts you on track to making the right health and fitness choices.

The Mio Active allows you to set a daily calorie target and record the number of calories you eat throughout the day. The Mio Active also records the calories you burn during exercise, and while at rest to instantly let you know if you need to intensify your workout or curb your calorie intake to stay on target. Includes a 7 day memory of your metabolic expenditure.

Mio Active uses advanced accelerometer technology to accurately count steps, estimates speed and distance traveled as well as calories burned.

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