Majic Wide Angle Blind Spot Mirror Anti-Glare Wedge Mirror Attache to Side Mirrors 3.75 Inch


  • Unique wedge shape 150-degree wide angle field of view
  • 30 Percent more visibility than round convex mirrors
  • Convenient stick-on application
  • Versatile design fits most cars and trucks
  • Mirror size: 3.75” x 2.5” and 1” on the thickest side


Avoid tricky blind spots when passing or changing lanes with Majic’s 3.75”x2.5” convex blind spot mirror. This wedge blind spot mirror adds 30 percent more vision than the round blind spot mirrors. Easily mounts to original factory mirror with the self-adhering pressure sensitive tape. Optimal placement is on the bottom outside corner of driver or passenger side mirror, but can be placed in any position for blind spot reduction. It is highly recommended to test positions before mounting with adhesive.

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