Majic Pencil Tire Pressure Gauge Classic Pencil Gauge with Metal Storage Clip


  • Classic pencil gauge with metal storage clip, 10-50 PSI
  • Fuel Saver
  • 4 standard black plastic valve caps included
  • Quality workmanship ensures durability
  • Gives an Accurate Readout Every Time


Majic's Pencil Tire gauge, was designed to help maintain the correct tire pressure to improve your vehicle's handling and safety. You can improve your gas mileage by up to 3.3%, by keeping your tires inflated to the adequate air pressure. Maintaining tires properly inflated prolongs tire life and safety.It may be used on Bicycles, Motorbikes, Cars, SUVs, Buses, and Trucks!

It only takes 3 easy steps:

1. Review your owner's manual of your vehicle for the standard tire inflation pressure.

2. Unscrew the valve stem cap from the valve stem on the tire. P.S. KEEP THE CAP IN YOUR POCKET OR SOMEWHERE SAFE TO NOT LOSE IT, BUT IF YOU DO WE INCLUDE 4 BONUS CAPS.

3. Press the air pressure gauge evenly onto the valve stem and record the reading given. YOU'RE ALL DONE! Majic customers love this product and so will you! Give it a try!

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