GOSO Waterproof Tablet Case Large Waterproof iPad Case


  • High Water Resistance, Super Seal: This case has been tested and proven to be highly water resistant. It is also dust, sand and dirt resistant as well as airtight. So your device is 100% safe and ready to go anywhere with you.
  • Functional Screen Touch: In addition to its sleek and stylish design, this case does not prevent the screen sensitivity. Your device screen remains fully functional, you can slide through it, take pictures and record videos without stress.
  • Quality Materials: This unique case is made from the highest quality PVC tarpaulin material to ensure that your device is adequately protected and free from any form of damage
  • Standards Compliant: It complies with all the regulatory standards and has been certified for use without any negative effect on your device.
  • Hand Strap: it comes with a hand strap at the back to strap it to your hand for comfort. 


Protect your tablets, ebook readers, smartphones and all other valuables from water while enjoying your outdoor activities such as fishing, swimming, rowing, and on the beach.

One great way you can do that is by using our innovative waterproof, airtight case specially made for the safety of your gadgets.

This GOSO Tablet Waterproof Bag is made from high quality PVC tarpaulin and complies with all regulatory standards. It features a unique PVC super seal cap and has an additional hand strap at the back for your handling convenience. This case is a MUST have if you really like your devices!

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