GOSO Waterproof Phone Case Smartphone Waterproof iPhone 6 Case


  • High Water Resistance, Resilient: Fully certified to be highly water resistant by IPX8 to a level of 100 feet under water. It can also protect your phones from sand, dust, dirt and snow. So wherever you go, your phone is safe.
  • Super Seal, Easy to Carry: It comes with a very reliable premium super seal that is airtight and impermeable. It also comes with a strap that you can use to hang it comfortably on your neck while enjoying your activities
  • Quality Material: Made with best quality PVC that is super strong, impenetrable materials which further ensure the safety of your devices and valuable.
  • Touch Screen Friendly, Headphone/Earpiece Friendly: While inside this case, your smartphones remain fully functional. The touchscreen is active. You can make or answer calls, take pictures and record videos without any hindrance. Perfect for all your outdoor activities. It also has a safe passage through which you can connect your earpiece or headphone to your smartphone inside the case.
  • One Size Fits All: This unique case will fit all smart phones up to 6”. It will comfortably contain smartphones such as all iPhones, all Galaxy Notes and S-series, LG smart phones, Nokia Lumia, BlackBerry, Motorola MOTO G, Windows Phone 8X,etc. you can also use it to protect other valuables such as MP3 Player, Keys, Cash, and other personal devices


When you go for outdoor activities, one thing you want to be sure of is that your smart phone is safe and secure. Just to be on the safe side, some people lock their phones away in a bag while others simply leave them behind at home. Not any longer! Here comes a unique tested and trusted smart phone bag that can shield your smart phones from water, dust, dirt and air.

With the GOSO Waterproof Bag, you will never miss any moment, while enjoying your outdoor activities. You can make/receive calls and take pictures with your phone under water, while playing on sand or anywhere without fear. Inside this case, your phone screen remains fully functional, videos and pictures are also as clear as ever. The best part is, this device features an innovative spot through which your head phone or earpiece can pass so that you can still enjoy best music and watch your favorite movies on the beach.

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