GOSO Hot Steamer with Towels


  • Innovative, Portable, and Lightweight: This device is an innovative technology, very portable, light weight and easy to carry about as it comes with a handle.
  • Power Indicator Light, Auto-Off: It comes with a power indicator that stays on when it’s working and also switches off automatically after 60 minutes, so you don’t even need to stand by and monitor it.
  • Time, Space and Energy Efficient: It takes about 15 minutes to get your towels ready for use and saves time on treatment of towels. It’s also energy efficient as it requires only 400 watts which implies a significant annual saving on your power costs
  • Multi-Product Heating, 6 Towels Included: This unique device can steam up to 6 towels at the same time. Moreover, 6 pieces of top quality towels are included in this package as a bonus for you.
  • Easy to Use: It’s very easy to use, just place your dry rolled towels inside the device, then add water to the base, turn on and the towels will be ready in 15 minutes.


Handle your towels like the professionals do using our innovative Towel Hot Steamer.

With the GOSO Towel steamer, you now have the perfect steamer for your towels and do away with the traditional steamers. This towel steamer runs for up to 60 minutes and then switches off automatically. The GOSO Towel Warmer is also efficient and has a transparent steaming chamber that can steam up to six towels at once killing off bacteria without the need for chemicals or pre-sterilizing towels with another unit. The GOSO Towel Warmer and Steamer is very easy to use, highly effective, and space saving. It will immediately make your towel clean, crisp and ready for use. Ideal for professional beauty outfits, spa, hair and barbing salons.

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