GOSO Steering Wheel Table/Tray/Desk for Eating, Drinking, Working, Writing, Laptop and Tablet in Car


  • Designed for the on the go person that is using his vehicle as a office and a dining room
  • Mounts to steering wheel in seconds with the built in hooks
  • Lightweight only 1.5 Lb. but durable and strong made of high quality ABS plastic
  • 1 side designed for eating and drinking, other side for office work
  • Measures 16.5” x 11” (with the hooks)


Feel at home also in your vehicle

With the GOSO Car Steering Wheel Table that easily attached to your steering wheel and stays fasten securely so you can feel comfortable working and eating on this table. On the front side you will find a comfortable tray for eating and a spot to hold your drink, the tray has depth of a 1/4 inch so the crumbs won’t fall in to the car, and the drink holder has depth of a 1/2 inch to avoid spills from driving on your car carpet.

The back side is designed to serve you as a work place with a special pen slot and smooth surface for writing, it can also be used as a desk for your laptop or tablet. The GOSO Steering Wheel Table is constructed of high quality ABS plastic and has a universal fit for Car and SUV’s, simply hook the tray on to the steering wheel and you get a sturdy table. The GOSO steering wheel table is only 1 inch thick which make sit easy to store after use.

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