GOSO Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager with Heat


  • Heated Massage, Bi-Directional Movement: it features a heater which adds warmth to help further sooth sore muscles and enhance faster relief to your joints. It also has a bi-directional rotation function, being able to move in alternate directions just as you wish
  • 4 Massage Nodes: It comes with 4 improved massage nodes which works on your body to give you that human-like soothing massage that calms your nerves and muscles
  • Ergonomic Design, Control Panel: it’s ergonomically designed following the shapes and contours of the neck, shoulder and other body parts to ensure maximum penetration and impact. It comes with a control panel on it from which you can control its functions and mode of operations. Simply press the appropriate button to select the function you want. You can turn on or off the heater function, change the direction of movement, and turn device on or off.
  • Easy to Maintain: This device is very easy to maintain and will last for a very long time if adequately taken care of. Carefully read the instruction manual to know how best to maintain your new device.
  • FDA Approved: This device has been tested and complies fully with the standard regulations of the FDA. It’s safe for use without any after effect or side effect.


An exceptionally unique device to massage your neck and shoulder and get great soothing relief. Made from high grade quality materials to ensure that it lasts very long.

The GOSO Neck & Shoulder Massager features four massage nodes which massage deeply to reach and sooth hard-to-reach muscles. It comes with a heater to provide a relaxing warmth which massage is going on. Direction of rotation can be alternated from one direction to another to ensure thorough body massage. Cute and portable with superb handles and control button. It give you a spa-like experience that helps relax and reinvigorate your tensed muscles and keep you fresh as ever.

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