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GOSO Power Bank Battery Charger, 6,000mAh External Battery Pack and LED Lamp


  • Emergency battery pack with LED lamp that is lightweight and easy to take with you anywhere
  • 2 functions in 1 device giving you extra battery power and light for emergencies or on your travels
  • Battery bank capacity is 6,000mAh giving you enough power to charge your phone about 5 times
  • The LED lamp mushroom top is designed to direct the light downwards on the book you are reading and not on your eyes
  • The elegant mushroom design makes this power bank lamp also a furniture piece that you can always keep on your desk


The GOSO Mushroom shape power bank with LED lamp on top is the ideal accessory for your travels and camping trips or even for your home.
The body is a 6,000mAh Battery pack that can completely charge your phone battery about 5 times on one charge, simply remove the mushroom top and you will find a 1A USB port that will charge and power all your USB powered devices

If the above benefit is not enough the GOSO Mushroom shape emergency battery pack will also serve you as a LED lamp by placing the mushroom top in the USB port. The mushroom top is specially designed to direct the light from the LED downwards making it comfortable to use while reading or using your laptop, without the light bothering your eyes.

The nice and elegant mushroom shape of the GOSO Power Bank Lamp will also compliment you wherever you are using this item, it will blend in to almost any environment and serve as a decoration piece for when its not used.

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