GOSO Ionic Car Air Purifier Freshener and Aroma Diffuser Eliminates Smoke Smell and Other Odors


  • Keeps the air in your car smelling good and clean of harmful bacteria and gases
  • Using 2 Purification technology, 3 layer of filtration and negative ions
  • Can also be used as a aroma diffuser by adding oil based scents on the filter
  • Elegant design that adds beauty to your car, and colorful changing LED lights on top
  • Measures: 2.5 inch in diameter and 7 inch high


Welcome the Car Air Purifier that Can Also Produce a Calm and Refreshing Fragrance in your Car
The GOSO Car Air Purifier and Aroma Diffuser is the all in one air control device that you need in your car.
The rich and Elegant design will add beauty to your vehicle, and the comfortable easy to fit in cup holder will save you time when looking for places where to fit this air purifier. Another beauty option it offers is the colorful changing LED lights on top.

This Air Purifier is designed to Eliminate Smoke Smell Odors and keep the air in your vehicle sterilized, fresh and clean. It does all that with the help of the built in anion module that produces 180k pcs per square inch negatively charged ion’s per second, that statically attract airborne particles like dust, mold and other pollutants and potential allergens even bacteria and viruses, keeping the air in your car always fresh.

In addition to the anion module the GOSO Car Air Purifier comes with a 3 layer filtration system that works also on the parts the anion module may missed
1. Low-temperature oxidation catalyst used to convert carbon monoxide to less toxic carbon dioxide at room temperature. It can also remove formaldehyde from the air.
2. High-efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) filter that traps 95% of pollutants such as smoke, dust and bacteria.
3. Activated carbon filter which is made from coconut charcoal, this filter absorbs harmful gases and odors that are in the air.

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