GOSO HUD GPS Car Head Up Display Projector Reflects the Speed on Your Car Windshield, GPS Satellite


  • 5.5” reflection display, with automatic and manual brightness adjustment mode
  • HUD information is gathered from a satellite GPS, saving the hassle of all the wiring
  • Display can show: Speed, Driving Time, Altitude and Compass
  • Auto power on and off with the vehicle
  • Includes a Reflective film to attache on windshield in case you see a double layer on windshield


Reduce distractions while driving and increase your safety.

To read an instrument cluster, for at least a brief moment you have to take your eyes off the road. Your eyes need to adjust to the shorter distance (known as accommodation) before the information flow can begin. This process reoccurs when your eyes readjust to the greater visual distance to take in the traffic environment.

The GOSO 5.5” Head-Up-Display (HUD) will show you the information exactly where you need it – directly in the line of sight. You will get all the important information such as speed, time and altitude without looking down to the instrument cluster or the secondary display.

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