GOSO Outdoor Extension Cord Cover Water Resistant Cord Lock


  • Protects the connection between a power cord plug and extension cord outlet from rain, snow, and dirt
  • Prevents extension cord connections from pulling apart
  • Wall Mountable ideal for Contractors, Builders & Handymen
  • Can be placed anywhere outdoors making it great for Holiday lighting
  • Safe around children


The GOSO Extension Cord IP44 rated Waterproof Safety Seal and Cover will protect your plug and socket from rain, snow, dirt and will prevent the extension cord connections from pulling apart.

The GOSO Extension Cord Safety Seal features a added sliding piece in the back of the box for wall mounting of multiple directions. The box is protected with 5 tabs for a tight seal and maximum protection at the same time they are easy to open and close. Inside where the cord goes out of the box we added a few rubber sealers for extra pressure around the cord entrance.

The GOSO Cord safety Seal is used by Contractors, Builders & Handymen. Also great for Holiday lighting and for child safety.

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