GOSO Body Fat/Hydration Monitor


  • Quick and Accurate Measurement: Once held, it automatically captures your data in seconds. Readings are fast, reliable and accurate. There is minimal room for error and data can be wholly trusted and relied upon.
  • Modern Ergonomic Design: This device features a unique design that sets it apart and makes it very easy to hold. The handles are non-slip and you don’t need to apply much pressure.
  • Digital LCD Display: It comes with a very clear LCD screen where readings are displayed in a digital format. The screen is wide enough and displayed data is clear so that you can enough see it from a distance.
  • Saves and Keeps Data for 8 Persons: It can save and keep the personal data of up to 8 persons. This makes it possible for you to easily remember your data. It also implies that the full personal data of your whole family can be stored in this device for reference purposes
  • Battery Saving Function: This device works with 2xCR2032 batteries (included). It has an auto off function when not in use which saves the battery life and prolongs the lifespan of the device.


The essence of exercise is often to keep fit and trim. Therefore to be able to determine if really you are burning out excess fat, there is need to carry out some vital measurements from time to time.

Introducing the innovative GOSO body Fat/Hydration monitor, a unique device that you can use to measure and determine your Body Mass Index (BMI). This device can save and store the data records of up to 8 persons. It displays readings on a clear LCD screen that shows your body fat/hydration in percentage, your body weight as well as your personal data. it’s very lightweight and is automatically captures your data when you hold on to its two handles. It’s fully compliant with all the regulatory standards and has been certified safe for use. Suitable for everyone and perfect for all who want to keep fit and healthy.

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