Glade Car and Home Vent Sticks Air Freshener & Odor Eliminator, French Vanilla Scent (4 Sticks)


  • Infused with premium Glade fragrance oil
  • Fragrance level can be adjusted
  • Vehicle's air vents continuously circulate the fragrance
  • Easy To Use, Enticing, And Long Lasting
  • Vanilla Scent (4 Sticks)


Keep your car & home fresh with Glade Vent Stick Car air fresheners. Contains four vent sticks per pack all infused with premium Glade fragrance oil. Fragrance level can be adjusted by choosing the number of sticks used at one time. They can be installed at your home and in your car's Air vents to continuously circulate a light pleasant fragrance .

Let the giddy thrill of French vanilla scented explosion treat you to the best day ever. Bright and bouncy and filled with sweetness, it’s the scent of a joy you can’t deny.

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