Driven By Refresh Skull Vent Stick Air Freshner & Odor Eliminator Black (3 Sticks) Into Darkness


  • Bright brushed aluminum skulls
  • Bold masculine scent
  • Premium quality with high attention to detail
  • Innovative design allows skulls to pivot in vent


Driven by Vent Sticks are a beast! Nothing is comparable to the size and scent strength of the Driven by Vent Stick. Insert them into your vent if you want to own the road!

The Dark, mysterious, and intensely masculine scent of into Darkness is the ultimate fragrance experience. Bergamot and musk intertwined with a fresh citrus note make this a ride to remember. Enjoy the darkness. Driven by Refresh Your Car creates an intense environment through bold products and cutting-edge fragrances. Edgy design with bright brushed aluminum casings and a premium lanyard.

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