Bahama & Co Scented Necklace Car & Home Air Freshener & Odor Eliminator, Tahitian Vanilla Scent


  • Uses a proprietary odor-neutralizing agent that keeps your car smelling great
  • Tahitian Vanilla Scent - It Removes a variety of unpleasant scents from your upholstery, carpets and mats
  • Attach to a car vent to disperse the fragrance, filling your car with a lovely, fresh scent
  • Tahitian Vanilla’s Sophisticated technology assures reliability
  • Soft plastic flowers infused with fragrances from the islands


Add variety and freshness to your car with these Necklace air fresheners . The long lasting island-inspired Tahitian Vanilla fragrance provides a great smelling environment while odours are removed with the patented revolutionary odour removing technology. 

Made of natural hemp twine with wood bead accents & soft natural looking petals, natural hemp twine with wood accent beads for a genuine look & feel, soft plastic flowers infused with scents from the islands.It has a beautiful tropical fragrance and made with the memories of your best holiday ever with faux pearls, seashell charms and scented glass-like beads.

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