Aroma Disc Car Vent Air Freshener Car Home Office Air Freshener Long Lasting Forest Fruits Pack of 4


  • Ideally fits the air vent grill
  • The Concentrated aromatic composition in the form of a gel offers mobility
  • Provides lasting fragrance
  • Intensive scent and color create the unrepeatable addition to your car.
  • Forest Fruits scent (Pack of 4)


The Vent Clips are designed for those who enjoy a clutter free car interior yet they appreciate the convenience of the air vent grill air fresheners. The clip discreetness and power will make you love it from the first moment.Aroma Car Disc is an original air freshener which suits perfectly on air vent grill of your car.

Forest fruits are various types of berries growing in the woods. Their taste is typically very sweet and tangy and it reminds of wilderness, nature and summer. Various fruits of the forest such as blackberries, and sloes, create an extravagant Aromatic feel in your car.

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