Blue Magic Pure Citrus Non-Aerosol Auto, Home & Office Air Freshener & Odor Eliminator 6.25oz Orange


  • Contains 100 percent natural non-aerosol. fresh orange oil.
  • Eliminates odors naturally.
  • Contains no man-made, heavy perfumes, or artificial chemicals.
  • The strongest and most effective odor eliminator.
  • Pure Citrus scent 6.25oz ORANGE


Pure Citrus contains absolutely no man-made chemicals, heavy perfumes or artificial ingredients. The non-aerosol dispenser protects your environment, while Pure Citrus is making it smell cleaner and fresher than you ever imagined. Try Pure Citrus today and discover the natural advantage of an appealing citrus scent.

There's no odor fighter more pure, more natural or more effective than new Pure Citrus Orange. It uses highly concentrated oils extracted from fresh citrus fruits to kill odors instantly and leave the air smelling clean, clear and purely delightful.

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