FlexyFrame Car Front Bumper Guard Solid Soft Rubber Bumper Protection with License Plate Frame Wrap


  • Flexyframe is a two in one bumper guard and license plate holder. The sleek all black design does not attract unnecessary attention to your vehicle.
  • It comes with Built-In screw Caps ! Designed to protect your license plate mounting screws from causing major damage to other vehicles! Also covers them so they are not visible!
  • The Bottom plugs provide support to the license plates that mount from the top two screws, this secures the lower half of the flexyframe into the license plate insuring it stays put!
  • Its All Rubber Construction Contains no metal parts so there is nothing to rust, also resists cracking like plastic or wear like foam
  • It Can be fitted universally , as it mounts directly to your vehicles front bumper or on top of your factory mount bracket.


Flexyframe will protect your front bumper and save you from unnecessary repairs. The patented design absorbs the brunt of impact due to the careless driving of others or your own parking slip. Plus, it does it with a sleek design that compliments every automobile. Don't leave your car to the mercy of the streets.

FlexyFrame is a simple, quick and easy installation process. FlexyFrame can be installed on all factory license plate mounts or directly to your vehicle enhancing the look and feel of your vehicle. The FlexyFrame is made of A NASA-like rubber that is soft enough to absorb low speed impacts, flexible enough to return to its original shape, and tough enough to do this over and over again! Plus its all weather construction makes Flexy Frame virtually indestructible!

Patented screw guard design-The screw guards are integrated into the frame so there are no screw caps to pop off your car like other bumper guards.

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